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Jonatan Mattsson
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm a priest of Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Sweden, congregation of Trångsund Skogås south of Stockholm. I love the good and beautiful things in life: my wife, good food, nice wine, movies, coffee, singing, music, good books (prefarably fantasy and history) et cetera. England and Italy are good places to go. Photography is a relativly new passion; I am still very much an amateur.

Current Residence: Haninge, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic and symphonic Metal
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau

Instagram: Yes.


Brain Haemorrhage by attomanen
Brain Haemorrhage
Played the bartender and made these: Candyshots with peach liquor (DeKyuper Peachtree), Bailey's Irish Cream and grenadine.

Very sweet. Very peachy.
The Best Sausage in town by attomanen
The Best Sausage in town
This little kiosk in a terribly boring and ugly "trading area" in Länna, south of Stockholm (Sweden, that is), sells the best God-be-praised sausage I've ever eaten.
The man who runs the place makes some of the sausages on the menu by himself (like the "polish white" I ate yesterday - delicious) and most of the sauces too.

Absolutely fantastic food. But the place looks like nothing. 

This street kitchen (Gatukök) is called "Krubberiet". Krubb is swedish slang for food. The ending -iet tells us it is a place where you krubb, thus "the foodery" is a possible translation.
Sweet Green Ghost by attomanen
Sweet Green Ghost
How about trying this drink for Halloween?

For the Sweet Green Ghost you need this:

2 parts of gin. Any gin will do.
1 part of Chartreuse.
1 part of freshly squezed lime juice
2 tbsp of white sugar syrup for every 8 cl / 2.7 oz of liquid

Put gin, Chartreuse, lime juice and syrup in a shaker together with ice.
Shake it well.
Pour in cocktail-glasses through a strainer.

The drink is a mod from the already existing "green ghost" that I found too sour (the lime, my friends... the lime). I just added sugar syrup.

BEWARE of the Chartreuse. It is 55% alcohol. Very strong. Very, very strong. Drink responsibly.

The picture is a mod of a wallpaper from

I made this mod for a post on my blog Feta Draken (only in swedish);


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